The National Foundation for Communal Harmony has instituted two National Communal Harmony Awards, one each for an individual and an organisation that are given every year for outstanding contribution for continued promotion of communal harmony and/or national integration over a period of time. The Awards carry a citation and cash amount as indicated below:
i) Individual Rs. 5.00 lakh
ii) Organisation Rs. 10.00 lakh
The Awards are being regulated as under­ :-
1. Objectives
The Awards have been instituted to promote communal harmony by recognizing activities relating to:-
  • discouraging communal ill-will and regional animosities and weaning the misguided elements of society away from the path of violence;
  • active and energetic propagation of the principles, especially of tolerance and harmony;
  • mobilising constructive forces of society in the cause of national unity and solidarity and giving them leadership, encouragement and articulation;
  • devising suitable community activities and programmes for fostering fellow feeling emphasising the secular character of the country;
  • propagating and working for national integration and harmony between different communities, irrespective of religious, linguistic or ethnic differences; and
  • asserting the common values and cultural ties which bind or act as unifying factor among the people living in this country.
2. Eligibility
The Awards are being given to an individual or an organisation on the basis of their activities and performance over a sufficiently long period of time rather than on the basis of a single or sporadic act in any situation.
(a) An individual is eligible for consideration of the Award if he/she
  • has been working in the area of national integration and communal harmony for a minimum period of ten years;
  • does not hold any elective office in parliament, state legislature or local body constituted under an act of parliament or the state legislature;
  • is not a member of a political party recognised by the Election Commission of India; and ­
  • is above 35 years of age and is alive on the date of nomination.
(b) In the case of an organisation, it is essential that the organisation­
  • is registered under an appropriate act of parliament or state legislature;
  • has been working at the all-India level, or at least state level. In case activities of the organisation are at the state level, these should be spatially well dispersed and extend to cover a substantial area of the state; and
  • should have been functioning for a minimum of five years in the field of promotion of national integration and communal harmony.
(c) No educational institution or a body created under an act of parliament or the state legislature is eligible for the awards.
3. Procedure
  • The nominations for the Awards shall be sent by (i) State Government / Union Territory Administration, (ii) Municipal Corporations/Municipal Councils/Zila Panchayats by whatever name these are called in a state (iii) Speakers of Lok Sabha / State Vidhan Sabha (iv) Members of Parliament / State Legislatures (v) Members of the National Integration Council, Governing Council/ Executive Council of the NFCH (vi) Vice-Chancellors of universities (vii) Recipients of the National Communal Harmony Awards and (viii) Organisations of repute dedicated to the promotion of communal harmony and national integration. Nominations can not be made by an organisation for itself or for any of its members.
  • Nominations shall be accompanied by a typed script in English or Hindi indicating the outstanding contribution made year-wise by the individual/organisation duly signed by the person making the nomination indicating the reasons why he/she considers him/her or the organisation as deserving the Award as per the requirement in the nomination format. The nominating authority should clearly indicate its name and designation and category in which it falls.
  • Nominations for organisations shall also be accompanied by a copy of the registration certificate, rules and bye-laws of the organisation, names of office bearers and their addresses along with relationship between different office bearers, and audited statement of accounts during the last three years and a resume of the outstanding work done by the organization. (For details please also refer the Application Format)
  • The last date for receipt of the nominations is the 30th June of the year.
  • Canvassing in any form in respect of a nomination shall render it disqualified.
  • Nominations shall be considered by a Jury and its decision in respect of the Award shall be final.
4. Announcement of Awards
The Awards shall be announced every year on the 26th January. However if due to unforeseen/unavoidable reasons it is not possible to announce the awards on the 26th January. These shall be announced as soon as possible thereafter.
5. Presentations
  1. Presentation of the Awards shall be made at a ceremony to be organised by the National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH).
  2. The Awardee shall be reimbursed to and fro expenditure for attending the Investiture ceremony for the presentation of Award as per rules of NFCH.
6. General
  1. All correspondence in the matter should be made either in Hindi or English addressed to the Secretary/Joint Secretary, NFCH. In case documents in regional languages are enclosed, their (summarized) translation in Hindi or English should accompany the proposal
  2. A person/organization who has been nominated for the Award shall be deemed to have accepted these rules.
List of the Award Winners
Year Name Category
2012 Foundation for Amity & National Solidarity, Delhi Organisation
2011 Shri Khamliana, Mizoram
Shri Md. Abdul Bari, Odisha
2010 Acharya Lokesh Muni, Delhi Individual
2009 Dr. Mohd. Hanif Khan Shastri, Delhi
Center for Human Rights & Social Welfare, Rajasthan
2008 Dr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, Delhi
Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan, Delhi
2007 Shri Ram Puniyani, Maharashtra
Setu Charitable Trust, Maharashtra
2006 Shri Rabindra Nath Upadhyaya, Assam
Institute for Socialist Education, Delhi
2005 Ms. Hema Bharali, Assam
Ramakrishna Mission, West Bengal
2004 Acharya Shri Mahaprajna, Delhi
Akhil Bharat Rachanatmak Samaj, Delhi
2003 National Youth Project Trust, Delhi Organisation
2002 Smt. Syeda Naseem Chishti, Delhi Individual
2001 Dr. Tontada Siddhaling Swamiji, Karnataka Individual
2000 Bhakti Sahitya Shodh Sansthan, Andhra Pradesh Organisation
1999 Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Maharashtra Organisation
1998 Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Delhi Individual
1997 Shri Asghar Ali Engineer, Maharashtra
Quami Ekta Trust, Delhi
Profiles of Award winners & their outstanding contribution - ORGANISATIONS / INDIVIDUALS.

Application formats for nomination for Individual and Organisation may be downloaded from the webpage Application Form .

NOTE: The nominees/ sponsoring authorities should submit nomination form duly completed in all respects along with a CD containing the requisite information/write ups/ scripts, etc. giving details of their activities or contribution in the area. Documents/ papers once submitted to the Foundation are non-returnable. A nominee has to apply afresh for the Award for a year and in no case papers/documents submitted by the nominee during previous year(s) will be considered for current or future nominations. Information provided may be shared on public domain, if required.